Waterdrop-Shaped Makeup Blender with Storage Case


Complete your makeup set with XIMIVOGUE makeup blender puff! perfect addition to blend in those foundations for a beautiful professional look. Comes with a storage case to keep it clean and hygienic for future use.

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Made of imported material and containing soft ingredient, this product features extraordinary softness and elasticity. Will swell after getting wet. Tear-resistant. For easy makeup applying.

Dry Usage: Take appropriate amount of foundation and gently dab the blender on your face or neck to evenly spread it over. Wet Usage: Soak the blender until it totally gets wet, then squeeze out excess water, after which evenly apply appropriate amount of blender to face.

It is recommended to clean and replace regularly. Store in cool and dry place.

Material: Q-PLUS
Size: 38*59 mm
Weight: 5.8 g