Vacuum Spray Bottle Travel Dispenser (30ml/1oz)


Having a short vacation soon with the family? Here is a 30ml spray travel bottle for your needs! what better way to travel than having more space to pack other necessities.

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The bottle body is clear and made of AS material. Vacuum design for smooth dispensing and no waste.

1.Fill the bottle with skin care product. 2.Press the top to force the inside air out of the container, and the inside content will rise. 3.The piston will rise to the top after the content is used up. 4.Push the piston to the bottom before re-fill the bottle.

Cautions: Do not contain high-temperature, high-acidity or high-alkalinity substance. Clean with cool water. Do not clean with hot water.

Material: PP/AS
Size: 11.8mm*3.31mm
Weight: 41.79 g