Utility Knife with Blade Replacement


A handy tool to have when you’re in the middle of a big move or when you need to cut up some paper. Available with 5 pcs of 0.4mm replacement blades.

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Features:Includes 5 pcs 0.4mm blades for free replacement. The snap-off blade design helps to maintain a sharp edge for precise cutting. Convenient and handy.

Usage:Designed for cutting thin paper, thin film, attachments or hard objects. Retract the blade when it is not in use. Do not discard the blade with other trashes. The blade should not protrude too much, because which may cause difficult cutting or blade breaking. Gently push the slider to let the blade protrude slowly. Be sure to retract the blade when it is not in use, to avoid injury and danger.

Notes:Do not expose it to dampness. Do not use for direct electric conduction.

Material:PP, 65# Steel

Size: 17.5*8.8*1.5 mm

Weight: 35 g