Utility Knife Set


A set of three utility knives for your cutting needs. Equipped with thin, snap off 0.4 mm blades to help maintain its sharp edge.

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Features: Small and mini. Adopts 0.4mm blade. The snap-off blade design helps to maintain a sharp edge for precise cutting.

Usage: Designed for cutting thin paper or film. Snap the blade section off with a pliers for a new one if the cutting tip becomes blunt.

Notes: 1. The blade should not protrude too much. Retract the blade when it is not in use. 2. Sharp blade. Use with caution. Please properly wrap the blade and make a danger mark on it before discarding in trash can. 3. Do not expose it to dampness.

Material: TPR, ABS, 65 steel

Size: 135*26*10 mm

Weight: 61.5 g