Unicorn Series Makeup Brush Set (6 Count)


A collection of makeup brush sets for your daily wear. Our unicorn design makeup ensure that you look fabulous and extravagant while wearing your makeup. Soft bristles are designed to deliver you that professional makeup look.

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The unicorn handle is anti-slip. It is easy to use. The bristles are delicate and soft. The brushes are easy to stick powder.

Step 1: Use the powder brush to dip the loose powder and swirl on the cheekbones. The powder brush is perfect for applying foundation and loose powder. Step 2: Sweep the blush along your cheekbones. The blush brush is perfect for applying different types of faces.

1.Do not wash the brushes with hot water or the bristles will be damaged. 2.Do not blow dry the bristles with the hair dryer.

Material: plastic handle, aluminium tube, fibre bristles
Size: 21cm*38mm*13mm
Weight: 66 g