Travel Bottle Toiletries Cosmetics Dispenser Set (Set of 5)(Clear)


Having a short vacation soon with the family? Here is a travel bottle set for your shampoos and shower gels! what better way to travel than having more space to pack other necessities.

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Features: Hygienic separate liquid containing. Portable and easy to carry around. Eco-friendly and non-exotic.

Usage: Foaming Bottle: Used to contain liquid beauty care products separately such as body wash, shampoo, facial cleanser. Lotion Bottle: Used to contain skincare products separately such as lotion, facial cleanser, thick toner, body moisturizer.

Notes: Do not use for high-temperature and high-PH substances. Please wash with cold water. Do not use boiling water for washing.

Material: PP/PET

Size: 145*105*37 mm

Weight: 81.52 g