Sport Earphones-RUN1P


We’ve got quite a few selection of sports earphones for you to pick. It is stylish and it is elegant.. and it will definitely impress your sports buddy.

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Features: 1.The ergonomic design and shark fin design make it fit the contour of your ears and ensure comfortable wearing even it is longtime worn. Features unique volume button design. Stylish and elegant. 2.Adopts 6 mm moving coil unit.

Usage: 1.To turn on: long press the function key for 2 seconds. 2.To turn off: long press the function key for 3 seconds. 3.Pairing mode: Long press the function key for 5 seconds to enter into the pairing mode.

Notes: Cautions: 1.Please use and store at room temperature. 2.Do not expose it to rain and dampness. 3.Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or modify the product by yourself. 4.Do not put it into fire, to avoid explosions.

Material: ABS / TPE

Size: 12*21*213 mm

Weight: 16.22 g