Soft Powder Puff (Calabash-Shaped Powder Puff+Air Cushion Powder Puff)


Want to buy a powder puff to complete your makeup set? Here at XIMIVOGUE, we have the most effective make up powder puffs readily available in our stores!

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Use high quality compact material, smooth and softy hand touch; great elasticity , apply foundation evenly; makeup sponge + air cushion puff , meet your different demand, create a nature and flawless makeup.

Makeup sponge: Wet & Dry use, makeup evenly. Air cushion puff: Dab some BB cream onto the puff and stipple it onto the skin slightly.

1. Please wash the puff by clear water, do not twist it too hard. 2.Please washing and replace the sponge regularly, avoid bacterial breeding.

Material: Polyurethane
Size: 60*35/53*52
Weight: 12.82g