Packaged Thick Cotton Pads (180 piece)


These high quality, 100% pure cotton pads are excellent for applying or removing product from the skin.The super soft cotton has a luxurious feel, and is gentle enough to use in daily skin care regimens, including cleansing, removing makeup, and applying astringents, toners or lotions.

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There are smooth lines on both sides, smooth surface, skin friendly, strong absorbent, the design of the pressed edge prevents from remaining cotton fiber on your skin.

1. Hold the cotton pad with the middle finger and index finger, dip in toner, gently pat on your face.2.The toner will be absorbed by face slowly.

After opening, avoid dust and keep clean. Store in a cool, dry and clean place, to avoid moisture. Keep it out of reach of children.

Material: Plant Cotton
Size: 15*6*15 mm
Weight: 90 g