Olive-Shaped Lace Eyelid Stickers


If you have hidden double eyelids, uneven, slightly droopy eyelids, then this is the right product for you. You can choose all kinds of double eyelid stickers with XIMIVOGUE!

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Features double-sided olive-shaped design for well fit for your eye shape. Natural-looking and long-lasting, will stay all day long on your eyelids even after swimming, outdoor activity, shopping and so on. Made of skin-friendly material for comfortable you.

1.Peel an eyelid tape strip from the backing with a pair of tweezers. 2.Apply the tape on your eyelids. 3.Adjust, gently press the tape and hold for a second to create a new crease.

1.Keep it out of reach of children. 2.Not for wounded, swollen or inflamed skin. 3.Please discontinue using if there is rash, redness, itch or other abnormal symptoms during use.

Material: medical adhesive tape
Size: 65*90 mm
Weight: 12.6 g