Non-Woven Fabric 3-Layer Double-Sided Cotton Pad


Non-Woven fabrics made into three layers of double sided cotton pads. Available in 150pcs per pack.

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Features:Fine and soft surface to reduce irritation to skin and. The multi-layer design with special spun-lace process, soft and skin-friendly. Provides gentle cares to every small parts on your body.

Usage:Suitable for cleaning skin, removing makeup and applying toner. Open the package, apply some amounts of facial cleanser, then use it on baby parts evenly. Please close the package after use, so as to prevent it from dust.

Notes:Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental swallow. Store in a shade and cool place. Avoid exposure to moisture.

Material: Non-woven fabric

Size: 5*6 mm

Weight: 0.45 g