House-Shaped Disposable Makeup Blender Sponge (9 Count)


Pack of beauty blenders, perfect to bring along travels or to keep in your handbag for emergencies. The sponge’s unique shapes help with more efficient and hygienic application especially in tricky areas like the inner corners of the eyes, hairline and the upper lip. Get all of them to ensure you always have a fresh and clean one on standby.

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Will get swollen after getting wet.

For wet and dry use. Dab the foundation on your forehead, nose and cheeks with your finger, then gently spread the foundation with the sponge to evenly apply on your face. Wet sponge can be used for applying BB cream, cream foundation, liquid foundation.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Material: hydrophilic polyurethane
Size: 25mm*28mm*20 mm
Weight: 30 g