Extra-Large Rectangular Mirror


An added wooden finish to add a tang of style as you hang it around or keep it straight up at an adjustable angle in your room. Smooth edges with a filed and polished mirror edge, just ask it who is the prettiest of them all and it will show you ­čśÇ

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The mirror can be hung and the standing angle of the mirror surface is adjustable. Retro wood color, with clear mirror surface, filed and polished mirror edge, smooth and does not hurt your hands.

Take out the metal supporting holder stored in the back of the mirror, and then screw it in the small hole.

1.Fragile. Handle and place with care. Avoid contact with hard or sharp objects. Avoid friction on the surface. 2.Do not directly look at the bright light reflected by the mirror. 3.Avoid dampness.

Medium Density Fiberboard+Glass+Stainless Iron

Size´╝Ü 270*170 mm

Weight´╝Ü 705.7 g