Dust Mask 3 Pcs/Bag


A dust mask that mixes utility and style. Made from a soft, The material is soft, exquisite and elastic material to fit all faces comfortably. Available in packs of three at a Ximivogue near you.

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Features:1.The dust mask is simple and stylish. 2.The material is soft, exquisite and elastic. 3.The product is made of breathable material, and it is comfortable to wear.

Usage:Gently stretch it out. Ensure the proper side of the mask faces outwards. Tie the lower band of the mask on the ears. Adjust the nose piece. Fit the mask to your face and under your chin.

Notes:1.This product should not be used as a replacement of medical or protective masks. 2.This product is reusable. Do not wash the dust mask or it will deform.

Material:hydrophilic polyurethane

Size: 130*160 mm

Weight: 20.4 g


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