Creatively Shaped Eyebrow Razor (2 Pcs)


Perfectly matched eyebrows, the goal. Here at XIMIVOGUE, we present you the tools to reach your goal.

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The imported Japanese blade is sharp for smooth shaving without causing any skin hurt. Features creatively-designed rhombic body which is 5.5cm long for convenient carrying and flexible usage. The curved and polished edge ensures comfortable grip. Anti-slip.

1.Please cover your eyebrow with a warm towel or cotton pad before shaving to soften and open your hair follicles. 2.Hold the razor with your dominant hand and place the blade on your skin at an 45° angle and gently shave off the excess eyebrow hair along

Cautions: 1.Sharp blade. Be careful and gentle when shaving. 2.Please store properly and keep it out of reach of children after use.

Material: Imported Japanese Blade, Plastic
Size: 55*33mm
Weight: 12.9g