Baby Wipes for Hand&Mouth


A quick and easy way of cleaning little messes your baby makes. Meal time can be a battlefield and only the baby really wins, but its important to keep them clean too! Soft to the touch and non-irritating to the skin Ximivogue wants to help you make your day a little easier.

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For quick and convenient cleaning. Alcohol-free, gentle and skin-friendly. Moisturizes without causing irritation to skin.

Peel the cover sticker on the top from one side until the hole is exposed, and pull the wipes out of the hole. Re-cover with the sticker after use.

1.Do not use on eyes, wound or skin suffering from swelling or eczema. 2.Keep it out of reach of children. 3.Keep it away from high temperature. Avoid exposure to sunlight. 4.Insoluble. Do not flush in the toilet.

Size: 150*200 mm
Weight: 480 g