Anti-Static Phenolic Plastics Long Hair Brush


An essential for your hair care.
Made with eco-friendly materials, it is heat resistant and helps remove static as well. Ideal for brushing or blow-drying your hair. Keeping you on fleek because we care.

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Features:Manually polished, high temperature-resistant and anti-static. Ideal for brushing or blow drying your hair.

Usage:1.Do not use for other purpose. 2.Do not brush too hard, to avoid hurting your scalp.

Notes:Cautions: 1.Improper use may cause breakage. 2.No contact with chemicals. 3.It is a normal phenomenon that there may be special smell because of different ingredient. Children should use under supervision when using this item.

Material: Phenolic Plastics

Size: 193*36 mm

Weight: 15.5 g