4-In-1 Nail Clipper Set in Dinosaur Pattern Leather Case


Cute nail clipper set with dinosaur pattern case design made out of leather! Keep away your nail sets in a bag and bring it with you wherever you need to be.

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Features:1.Small and exquisite. Handy to carry around. 2.Ergonomic design. 3.One set for multiple purposes.

Usage:1.Straight Nail Clipper: Use the arc blade to trim nails 6-8 times phase by phase, then remove cuticle round. It’s recommended to soak hands in water for 3-5 minutes and wipe dry before clipping. 2.Diagonal Nail Slipper: Suitable for trimming nail fringes

Notes:1.Please wash hands before manicuring. Use the clippers to cut nails into your desired shape, then use nail file for slight trimming. Place your nail on the nail file at an angle of 45°.

Material: chrome plated zinc alloy, PU, alloy

Size: 70*20*87 mm

Weight: 65 g


Black, Pink, Green