Vacuum Pump Bottle Travel Dispenser (30ml/1oz)


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Features : The bottle body is clear and made of AS material. Vacuum design for smooth dispensing and no waste.


  1. Fill the bottle with skin care product.
  2. Press the top to force the inside air out of the container, and the inside content will rise.
  3. The piston will rise to the top after the content is used up.
  4. Push the piston to the bottom before re-fill the bottle.
  5. Try to fill it to the neck for more convenient dispensing.


  1. Do not put the lit candle below an empty bowl, and make sure that there is adequate water in the bowl during heating, to avoid damage or crack.
  2. Do not touch the stove during heating, to avoid burns.
  3. Do not let children touch a lit candle, to avoid burns.
  4. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep a burning candle away from inflammable material, to avoid fire hazard.

Material : PP/AS

Size : 11.8mm*3.31mm

Weight : 42.46g