Unicorn Series Stars Fabric Storage Bin (Small)


To help clear the extra mess or gain extra clean at your home, this convenient box will make those things come true! It’ll fit right in any of your bedroom, living room or office. Get the small unicorn stars storage box at Ximivogue.

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Features: This product uses imitation linen fabric, which is thick and feels comfortable. The cartoon patterns in the front are elegant and chic. The flip cover design is dust-proof, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof and the cover keeps clothes away from dust. Foldable design makes the storage box space-saving.

Usage: Unfold, place the board on the bottom of the box.

Notes: 1. Non-waterproof. Do not wash. 2. Avoid dampness and direct sunlight, to prevent discoloration. 3. Wipe with a damp cloth and clean the stains with a brush if needed. Do not rub or scrub

Material: 75% polyester, 25% cotton, paperboard

Size: 230*230*230 mm

Weight: 500 g