U16D Ring Light Table Lamp


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Features: 1.The outer case is made of flame-retardant material which is durable, break-resistant and heat-resistant. 2. The plug conductor adopts imported H65 copper which is anti-oxidation. 3.Comes with outlet shutters for safe use. Effectively prevents electric shock caused by improper use. 4.The USB ports are designed with smart IC chips. Max outlet of each USB port: 2.4A. 5.Equipped with a button switch to control the output power of outlets and USB ports. 6.Simple style appearance design. Stylish and exquisite. Various colors for different choices.

Usage: Touch for stepless dimming.

Notes: 1.This product should be connected with 5V 1A power supply. Do not connect to other voltage. 2.The light source is unreplaceable. Please replace the whole product after the service life of the light source comes to an end. 3.Do not place the product at surface where the angle of inclination is over 6°, otherwise the product can not stand steadily. 4.Do not look directly at the light, so as not to cause eye discomfort.

Material: ABS+PC

Size: 124x124x330 mm

Weight: 530 g