TWS Sport Earphones-AKZ-W4 (Black)


Move freely and dance to the music with these lighweight and certainly comfortable sport wireless earphones. Get rid of all the restrictions and distractions to enjoy the wonderful music. Available in Black and Blue at Ximivogue.

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Features: 1.True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones. Separated left&right sound channels. The two earbuds can work individually or in pairs. 2.Supports caller ID display, last called number redial, and Chinese&English smart voice prompt for turning on/off, pairing, disconnection and low power. 3.iPhone has display of remaining power of the earphones. 4.After successful connection with mobile phone, the earphones will automatically re-connect with the connected mobile phone the next time it is turned on. 5.Intelligent compatibility: compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, tablet PC, laptop and so on.

Usage: Please read the User Manual.

Notes: 1.Handle with care. Avoid great pressure. Keep it away from high-temperature places. 2.Keep it away from WIFI router or other high-frequency transmitting devices which will affect the signal reception of this product and thus cause discontinuous sound or disconnection. 3.Use within effective range and make sure that there is no obstruction, such as wall, in between the Bluetooth device and the earphones

Material: ABS, Bluetooth PCBA board, battery, speaker

Size: 85*40*30 mm

Weight: 80 g