Twistless Cartoon Cat Towel for Children (2 Count)(Green)


Fluffy, highly absorbent and skin-friendly, your kids will feel so warm as you wrap this towel around them! It’s suitable for your children’s delicate skin! Buy these purr-fect towels from Ximivogue.

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Features: Made of cotton material, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable and absorbent with fluffy terry.

Usage: 1.There may be a small amount of lint coming off during manufacture process. Please gently hand wash with warm water before first use. 2.Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean. Machine washing will damage the cotton yarn and terry. Hand washing is recommended. 3.Washing temperature: under 40℃(104℉).

Notes: 1.Please keep the surface clean and grease-free before pasting. 2.Peel off the protection cover and paste it to the desired position, then press for 5-10 seconds. Do not pull forcefully within 24 hours.

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 25*50 mm

Weight: 45 g