Thin Smooth Dental Floss Pick with Curved Handle (80 Pcs)(Unscented)


Pay close attention to dental health and show that beautiful smile! These smooth dental floss picks protect you from the unwanted cavities! ­čśü also available in Green Tea scent.

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Features´╝Ü The floss is made of polymer fiber which is guaranteed not to break for smooth use.

Usage´╝Ü Gently slide the floss between your teeth and move up and down to clean and remove food residues. The pick tip can be used as a toothpick.

Notes´╝Ü 1. Children should be supervised by adults during use. 2.Inedible. Do not swallow. 3.Be careful and do not apply too much pressure during use, to avoid hurting your gum.

Material´╝Ü polystyrene. polyethylene

Size´╝Ü 72*29.5*1.9 mm

Weight´╝Ü 54.4 g