Stylish Trendy Earphones (Black)


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  1. Wire: TPE lacquered copper wire for tangle-free use.
  2. Plug: 3.5mm gilded plug makes the whole earphones more trendy and exquisite, and ensures greater non-barrier transmission.
  3. Compatible with 99% mobile and portable devices. Built-in microphone to answer incoming calls conveniently. Small and exquisite.
  4. Drive Unit: Φ10mm;Φ10mm speaker makes the earphones modern and stylish.
  5. Sensitivity: 100±3dB, makes wire transmission, speaker and compatibility much perfect.
  6. Earbuds: The combination of classic crooked earbuds and silicone earplug ensures comfortable wearing.
  7. Wire Length: 1.2M.



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  • Do not use corrosive detergents for cleaning.
  • Do not heat it. Keep away form fire source such as cooking stove.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Do not discard into fire to avoid explosion.
  • Do not disassemble or modify it by yourself. It contains no repairing components.


Material: TPE

Size: 120*1.3*2*1.2cm

Weight: 10.2g