Solid Color Traceless Round Adhesive Hook


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Features:1.Eco-friendly material, safe and non-exotic. 2.Convenient ad easy to use. 3.Not apt to falling off. Large bearing capacity. Durable in use. 3.Suitable for home, office and many occasions.

Usage: 1.Wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth before installation. 2.Peel off the protection cover of the hook. (Do not touch the adhesive tape with hands) 3.Press it hard to meet a finish. Do not hand any objects within 24 hours since installation.

Notes: 1.Do not paste into the surface when there is water, oil, dirt, or wax on it. 2.Do not paste near high-temperature places such as gas stove, furnace,etc..

Material: PS

Size: 6*6 mm

Weight: 26 g