Simple Style Solid Color Seamless Underpants for Men (Size M)


Seamless boxer briefs that are made with delicate hemming for your comfort to wear. Available in Size M.

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Features: 1.Soft and comfortable, breathable, and skin-friendly. 2. The stretchy leg openings naturally fit your body. 3. With a comfortable waistband, reduces pressure to your waist.

Usage: 1.Wash separately. Wash with exclusive basin. 2. It is recommended to hand wash because machine washing will make it deform. 3. Wash with underwear soap. Gently rub it for 3-5 minutes to get rid of bacteria thoroughly. Do not rub it too hard, to avoid deformation. 4. Rinse off the lather thoroughly under running water. 5. Hang up to dry in the sun. Sunlight can sterilize effectively.

Notes: Service life of the product depends on use frequency. It is recommended to replace every 3-6 months for health sake.

Material: 46.5% Cotton, 7% Spandex, 46.5% Regenerated Cellulose Fibre

Size: 175*100 mm

Weight: 75 g