Simple Nordic Style Insulated Water Bottle (Coffee) (230ml/8.1oz)


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Features: Small and portable insulated water bottle. The lid adopts gold-plating crafts to make it more trendy. The inner cover adopts the same color with the main body, which makes the whole bottle pleasant to eyes. Thermal insulation properties reaches international standard GB/T2966-213. The 34 main body is made of food-grade material.

Usage: 1.Please wash the whole unit thoroughly before use. 2. Cover the lid and put the bottle up down to check whether the liquid will leak or not.3.Please tighten the lid when containing hot/cool beverages, to avoid leakage. 4. If it will be idle for a long time, please remove the dirt and wipe it dry for future use.

Notes: 1.Keep it out of reach of children.2.Do not contain juice, dairy product, avoid odors caused by spoilage. Do not contain carbonated drinks such as dry ice, soda and so on. 3.Keep it away from high-temperature objects, to avoid damages. 4. Avoid severe drops or a strong impact. 5.Do not overfill with boiling water, to avoid scalds due to leakage. 6. Do not heat it in boiling water for a long time, to avoid damages to the bottle. 7.Do not put it in the dishwasher, dish dryer, or microwave oven.

Material: PP, silica gel

Size: 66*140 mm

Weight: 170 g