Round Clip and Drip Hanger (Small)


Life is much simpler with this round clip and drip hanger! With a great bearing capacity, it can be used to hang multple pieces of clothing, underwear and socks! We’ve got all the products for your household essentials.

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Features: 1.The product is round. The clips will not tangle easily. 2.The materials of the hanger are durable and the color of the hanger is not easy to fade. 3.The hanger is easy to carry.

Usage: Please clean before use. Wipe with a damp cloth and store properly when it is not in use.

Notes: Do not expose the product to the sun for a long time or the product will deform and the color will fade.

Material: PP, 65 steel

Size: 183*208*215 mm

Weight: 78 g