Quick Dry and Windproof Solid Color Umbrella with Long Handle (Black)


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Features: A hand-sewn umbrella is more exquisite and elegant with a lightweight stand and slim design.

Usage: 1.To open the umbrella, push the runner upwards until it is fixed. 2.To close the umbrella, pull down the runner to the bottom spring.

Notes: 1.To prolong the service life of the umbrella, after using the umbrella on a sunny day, wait for the umbrella to cool down before storing it. While after use on a rainy day, dry it before storing it. 2.Do not use the umbrella for dangerous purposes such as shaking or throwing. 3.Children should be accompanied by parents when using this product. 4.If not used for a long time, please keep the umbrella in a dry and cool place.

Material: Fabric: 100% polyester, frame: iron, handle: PP

Size: 485*8 mm

Weight: 280 g