QC3.0 18W Trendy Car Charger (Rose Gold)


Concise appearance with premium experience. This trendy car charger meets the demand of every on-the-go driver. No need to worry when your phone is running out of battery! Available in Blue and Rose Gold at Ximivogue.

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Features: Small and space-saving. Designed with smart chip. Charges quickly. With multiple safety protection for safe use.

Usage: 1.Insert the charger into the cigarette lighter socket, then it is ready to be used after the LED indicator light goes on. If the light does not go on, pull the charger out and re-insert it into the cigarette lighter socket, or slightly turn in to check if there is poor connection. 2.Insert the connector of the USB charging cable into the USB port of the charger, insert the other end of the cable in your device. 3.Please check if the charging cable is properly connected and if the charger is compatible with the device.

Notes: Cautions: Keep it away from fire. Do not swallow. Pregnant women should use with caution. Please keep it out of reach of children. This product causes slight corrosive effect on oil paint. Please wipe or rinse off with clean water in time if contact with oil painted surface occurs.

Material: ABS+PC

Size: 50*29.29 mm

Weight: 11.7 g