Pressure-Relieving Seat Cushion


Add some support to your lumbar to keep it healthy! Filled with memory foam, this cushion takes gentle care of your back and posture while you preform daily task in the office.

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Features:Breathable, comfortable and relaxing. The memory foam filling provides gentle care for your caudal vertebra and support for your hips and legs.

Usage:Suitable for sofa, car seat, office chair, plane and so on.

Notes:Cautions: (1)The cover is detachable for washing. (2)The filling is non-washable. Do not overexpose it to the sun. 3.Keep it away from fire.

Material:48% Viscose/48% Cotton/4% Spandex/100% Polyurethane

Size: 410*390 mm

Weight: 480 g