Portable Cutlery Set (Chopsticks & Spoon)


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Features: 1.Made of premium food-grade stainless steel, it’s safe to be used. 2. Adopts exquisite workmanship to bring you a high-end user experience.

Usage: 1.Please wash and disinfect before the first use. 2.Do not soak it in high-temperature or corrosive liquid for a long time.

Notes: 1.Children under 3 years old should use it under adults’ supervision. 2.Do not store it in high-temperature liquid for a long time. Keep away from fire. 3.Please wash and wipe it to dry after use. 4.Avoid contact with high-temperature water above 18℃(356℉). Do not soak it in strong acid for a long time. 5.A small amount of black stains left during the polishing process may be found on the surface, which is non-toxic, and harmless, and can be wiped away easily. 6.Do not disinfect the package at high temperature.

Material: 304 stainless steel, PS

Size: 217mm*45 mm

Weight: 93 g