Pastoral Style Glass Vase (Extra Large-Sized)(1.3L/ 43.9oz)


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Features: Ensures easy cleaning and convenient use. Clean and elegant. Suitable for holding various kinds of flowers.

Usage: 1.Apply the hair curler when hair is 80% dry, or wet the hair with mist. 2. Wind a strand of hair on the curler layer by layer, hold the hair with one hand, cover and fix the curler cover with the other hand. 3. Remove the hair curler 20min later or after hair has become dry, and then spray styling mist on the hair.

Notes: 1.Please clean before use. 2.Glass product. Handle with care. Avoid impact caused by hard objects. 3.Do not clean with metal scourers or powder detergent, to avoid scratches. 4.Keep it away from a burning stove, to avoid deformation or breakage.

Material: Glass, hemp rope

Size: 11.5*11.5*18.5 mm

Weight: 590 g