Nordic Style Vogue Series Stick Aroma Diffuser (45ml/1.5fl.oz.)(Black Forest)


Aroma diffuser to freshen the air and remove odor while giving you a relaxing and soothing sensation. Available in Sandalwood and Black Forest; each with its own unique scent.

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Features: Top notes: lime, fresh orange, pear, black pepper. Middle notes: lilac, orchid, violet, iris, sandalwood. Base notes: musk, cedar, ambergris. The diffuser is a perfect odor remover for living room, bedroom, entrance hall, bathroom, and office. It creates romantic fragrance that is comforting to your soul.

Usage: 1.Open the package and take out the glass bottle. Unscrew the cover and insert the cotton diffuser sticks. The sticks will absorb the liquid and naturally release the scent into the air. 2.Usage period: Approx. 1 month. Usage period may differ depending on the usage environment.

Notes: 1.This product is inedible. Please drink large amount of water and seek medical attention immediately if you accidentally taken the product. 2.Please keep the product out of reach of children. 3.Keep the product away from fire and avoid direct sunlight. 4.Flush your eyes with water if the product gets in your eyes. If the diffuser liquid is spilled on your skin, please wash your skin with soap. 5.Please dry the furniture, counters, textiles and the car seat immediately if the liquid leaks from the bottle. 6.Pregnant women are forbidden to use this product. People with high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma and allergies are forbidden to use this product.


Size: 49*49*190 mm

Weight: 150 g