Nordic Style Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp – White


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Features:1.3 color modes to choose from: Warm white, bright white, natural white. 2.Adopts step-less dimming technology to adjust brightness level freely. Helps protect your eyes well. 3.Provides a smart touch switch. 4.The support arm can be adjusted 360°.

Usage:Touch the switch with your finger to turn on the lamp. Long press the switch to adjust the brightness level; press once to switch among color modes. The lamp head can be adjusted freely.

Notes:1.Do not adjust the lamp head beyond the limit. Do not adjust the lamp head hose frequently, or the service life of the hose may be shortened. 3.Avoid squeezing or water splashing. Keep out the reach of children.

Material:ABS, silica gel, metals

Size: 165x222x393 mm

Weight: 616 g