Nordic Style Creative Round Adhesive Hook


If you’re into minimalism, simplicity, and functionality when it comes to designing your home, then these round adhesive hooks are for you! Stick them onto the wall with just a single push and hang your towels or keys. Available in-store and online.

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Features:Made with premium metal and strong glue. Easy to use. No need to drill a hole on the wall. Durable in use.

Usage:1. Clean the surface where the hook is to be stuck, such as glass, tile, etc. Wipe with alcohol if there is dirt on the surface. Stick after the surface gets dry. 2. Be careful and do not touch the adhesive face when peeling off the back protective film.

Notes:1. Do not stick if the adhesive face is stained with oil, water, dirt, or wax. 2. Do not hang any object within 12 hours after the attachment. Do not hang the object which is heavier than the maximum bearing.


Size: 60*60 mm

Weight: 23.1 g