Nordic Style 8-Inch MDF Wall Clock


For your preferred minimalist taste, this Nordic style 8-inch wall clock is perfect for you. It’ll put a nice touch to your bedroom or living room. Also makes a pretty cool gift. Found at Ximivogue.

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Features: Simple Nordic style. A functional and practical decoration.

Usage: (1)How to load batteries: Load the batteries of the right size into the battery compartment according to the positive and negative terminals. (2)How to set time: Clockwise rotate the rotary knob until the clock hands point at the correct time.

Notes: (1)Compact structure. No violent impact and vibration. (2)Please remove the battery if the clock is not in use. Keep it away from high-temperature, high-humidity, strong magnetic, dusty or c

Material: MDF

Size: 200*40*200 mm

Weight: 278 g