No-Mess Nail Clippers with Plastic Cover (2 Count)


Take care of your nails and keep them short and clean at all times with this nail clipper from Ximivogue. It’s always good to keep one of these around at home for you and your family.

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Features: The stylish nail clippers cut fingernails and toenails with precision. The rubber cover is designed to prevent trimmings from splattering and to ensure smoother use.

Usage: 1.Lift up the lever of the clippers and turn it in an 180° circular motion. 2.Place a nail between the two cutting blades and squeeze the upper lever and the lower parts together to clip the edge of the nail off.

Notes: Do not wash with water. Store in a clean and ventilated place.

Material: carbon steel, plastic

Size: 90x17x16 mm

Weight: 65.7 g