Natural Beauty Eyebrow Pencil-Gray


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Features: The eyebrow pencil is designed with a moderately soft triangular tip to help you create a sharp eyebrows shape and make a charming look. Automatically rotating pencil head to adjust the refill length easily. This premium eyebrow pencil also features natur

Usage: 1.Comb the eyebrows with the brush. 2.Protrude the eyebrow pencil 2-3 mm and draw a general sketch from brow ridge in the direction of the eyebrows growth, then fill it with the eyebrow pencil gently. 3.Softly brush your eyebrow with brow brush, to make

Notes: Protrude the eyebrow pencil within 2-3 mm to avoid disjunction.

Material: ABS

Size: 10*10*142 mm

Weight: 21 g