Nail Polish Remover Twist & Scrub Sponge 35ml/1.1fl.oz. (Orange)


It’s always a hassle to remove your nail polish but this one will make it easier for you! For your good nail hygiene, here’s a nail polish remover with a scrub sponge inside. It’s quick to use and it keeps your nail shiny too. Find this awesome product in orange at Ximivogue.

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Features: Unique nail polish remover sponge design. Dip your nails in the solution and rub them against the sponge.

Usage: Simply insert your finger into the sponge and twist to remove nail polish.

Notes: 1.Do not use the product on wounded and dermatitis (eczema) skin. 2.Please keep the product out of reach of children

Material: Propylene carbonate, Propylene Glycol,Parfum

Size: 38*89 mm

Weight: 38 g