Multi-Purpose Ceramic Paring Knife with Pit Remover


An all-purpose knife to cut and peel off fruits, vegetables, and other food in small sizes. Comes with a pit remover for safer and effective use.

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Features: 1. The handle is made of high-quality PP material which is odorless and safe and helps to discourage the growth of bacteria. 2. The blade is made of 30cr13 material which is sharp, durable, and not easy to get rusty. 3.Features multi-purpose 3-in-1 design.

Usage: 1.Clean after use. Wipe dry with a soft cloth then let dry naturally. 2. Avoid prolonged soaking in water. Store in dry places.

Notes: 1. Do not scrub with a brush or abrasive powder. 2. Avoid a strong impact. Keep it away from fire, to prevent deformation. 3. Keep it out of reach of children.

Material: 30cr13, PP

Size: 260*25 mm

Weight: 73 g