Misty Forest Air Humidifier with Scent Diffusing Wood (White)


Simple style with a compact structure yet a creative design. Travel to another realm of peace and harmony as you smell the aromatic scent. Put this in your bedroom or in the office. Available in Pink and White at Ximivogue

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Features: 1.Small-sized design with exquisite decoration. 2.Designed with soft nightlight with 7 colors for free choosing. 3.Ensures whisper-quiet operation to provide a sound sleep even for baby. 4.Made of skin-friendly ABS material. Clear frosted design.

Usage: 1.Press the button to turn on the mist and light. 2.Press again, then it will stop spraying while the light will keep on. 3.Press for 3 seconds to choose light color. 4.Press for 3 seconds again to turn off the light. 5.Default lighting time: 1 hour. The light will automatically turn off an hour later. 6.Default spraying time: 4 hours. It will automatically turn off four hours later.

Notes: Do not wear it when bathing or showering. Wipe it dry in time if it gets wet. Keep it under sealed preservation when it is not worn. Do not expose it to the air for a long time. Storage: Store it in cool and dry place.

Material: ABS

Size: 110 * 78 * 110 mm

Weight: 118 g