Mini Scented Sticks Diffuser 20ml/0.6fl.oz. (A Lovely Encounter)


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Air freshener. Decorates your home.


1.Open the bottle and pour essential oil into the glass bottle. Pop in the decorative ball and fiber stick into the bottle. The fragrance diffuses through diffuser sticks.

2.Usage period: Approx. 15 days. Usage period may differ depending on the usage environment.


  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If the product gets on your skin/eyes, please wash with water and seek medical care.
  • This product is inedible. Please drink large amount of water and seek medical attention immediately if you accidentally taken the product.
  • Please dry the furniture, counters, textiles and the car seat immediately if the liquid leaks from the bottle.
  • Keep the product away from fire. Please keep the product sealed and keep it away from light.
  • Pregnant women are forbidden to use this product. People with high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma and allergies are forbidden to use this product.

Material:Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether, Costus oil, Ethanol, Water

Weight: 20g