Mini Glass Teapot Set


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Features: 1. The hand-crafted non-drip spout ensures smooth pouring. Designed with a wide top opening for easy cleaning. 2.Adopts ergonomic handle design to allow for easy gripping and effectively prevent skin burns. Smooth and exquisite.

Usage: 1.Clean the inner wall before use. 2.Do not fill to the top. Leave about 2cm empty and tighten the lid. 3. Add 1-2 drops of vinegar into warm water, pour it in the bottle and leave it for 30 minutes, then clean with a soft sponge.

Notes: 1.Fragile glass product. Handle with care, to avoid breakage. Please check if there is any damage before use. Do not use if there is any breakage or crack, to avoid injury. 2.With standing temperature: 80℃ (176℉). Do not heat the product directly. No rapid and sudden temperature change. Never let the teapot pass over any part of the human body. Only for use by adults. Please be careful during use near children. 3.Please clean with sponge and neutral detergent. Do not scrub with steel wool or other hard objects. Clean gently, to avoid breakage and injury.

Material: Glass

Size: 425/50 ml

Weight: 300 g