Marble Angled Makeup Sponge


Marbled makeup sponge with angled sides for illuminating and highlighting along with rounded sides perfect for blending. It covers all parts of the face, creating a flawless makeup. Get it now at Ximivogue.

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Features: High quality polyurethane makeup sponge expands when exposed to water. The angled makeup sponge is perfect for targeted coverage including under eyes and nose areas. The flat surface delivers blush and loose powder to the face and cheeks.

Usage: Use sponge wet: Wet the makeup sponge until it’s completely saturated. Squeeze the excess water and use the flat surface to apply makeup on the face. Use the pointed tip to apply foundation on the small corners of the eyes and nose. Use sponge dry: Do not wet the makeup sponge. Use the round side to dab blush or loose powder and apply on the face.

Notes: 1.Beauty tools are recommended to be cleaned weekly and replaced regularly. 2.Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. 3.Do not place near fire. Keep out of reach of children.

Material: hydrophilic polyurethane

Size: 40*65*40 mm

Weight: 8 g