Manicure Kit


Get yourself a manicure with this pair of cuticle trimmer and nail file! The ergonomically-designed handles ensure a comfortable and easy grip. Come and get it at the nearest Ximivogue!

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Features: The ergonomically designed handle ensures comfortable grip. Easy to carry.

Usage: Cuticle Trimmer: gently push the cuticle trimmer to cut the dead skin cell on cuticle. Nail File: Hold the file against the edge of your nails, and file by moving back and forth. The special tip design of the nail file can be used to clean dirt in the nail grooves or remove dead skin cell.

Notes: As to wash the pillow, please add a small amount of laundry detergent into warm water and use a clean cloth to wipe the surface. Do not put the whole product into water for washing. Please dry it naturally. Do not overexpose to the sun. Gently pat the pillow after it gets dry thoroughly, so as to restore filling power.

Material: Stainless steel

Size: 110*10 116*11 mm

Weight: 28 g