Magnetic Car-Mounted Cell Phone Holder 367 (Black)


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1. Strong magnetic to ensure secure hold and avoid shedding.

2. No impacts on mobile phone signals.

3. Made of metal materials, durable and wear-resistant.

4. Adopts silicon pad, soft and anti-slip.

5. Compact and small size for space saving.


Usage: Paste the product on the car centre panel, and fix the mobile phone on the holder through mutual force between magnetic disc and holder.



1.  Please install it into a level surface to ensure stable installation.

2. Press the bottom for 10 seconds after pasting to achieve better effects.

3. The double-sided adhesive tape on the bottom should not be reused.

4. Limited bearing capacity. Only suitable for holding mobile phone.

5. Please paste the enclosed round iron pad on the back of mobile phone or phone case


Material: Aluminium alloy

Size: 35.5*40mm

Weight: 37.8g