Luxury Salon Series Aroma Diffuser (105ml/3.5fl.oz.)(Black Forest)


Aroma diffuser to freshen the air and remove odor while giving you a relaxing and soothing sensation. Available in Black Forest, Sakura Shower and Blue Ocean; each with its own unique scent.

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Features: Top Notes: limette, orange, pear, black pepper. Middle Notes: lilac, orchid, violet, iris, sandalwood. Base Notes: musk, cedarwood, ambergris, sandalwood. Suitable for living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, office and so on to remove unpleasant smell. Creates a romantic atmosphere for you with the pleasant fragrance.

Usage: 1.Gently rub a wipe on all over your face to remove makeup. 2.Fold it in half, rub with the other clean side again (wipe with another sheet if for removing heavy makeup). 3.Repeat until there is no makeup residues appear on the wipes. 4.Please make sure that your hands are clean before use.

Notes: 1.Do not use on eyes, wound or skin suffering from swelling or eczema. Please discontinue using immediately if there is any discomfort during use. 2.Keep it out of reach of children, to avoid accidental swallowing. 3.Insoluble. Dispose it into trash can after use.

Material: glass bottle, cotton stick, imported fragrance, deionized water, solvent, modifier

Size: 66*66*225 mm

Weight: 340 g