Loving Heart Design Electroplated Series Makeup Brush Set (7 Count)


Different brushes with different bristles for different needs. Enhance your beauty with sets of makeup brush from Ximivogue!

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Features: The heart-shaped design on the tip of the handle makes the brush looking stylish. The bristles are delicate and soft. The brush is easy to stick powder.

Usage: Step 1: Use the powder brush to dip the loose powder and swirl on the cheekbones. The powder brush is perfect for applying foundation and loose powder. Step 2: Apply the foundation on the face and ramp with the foundation brush gently.

Notes: 1.Do not wash the brushes with hot water or the bristles will be damaged. 2.Do not blow dry the bristles with the hair dryer.

Material: Plastic, aluminum tube, synthetic fibre

Size: 21cm*42mm*13mm

Weight: 89 g